Katja Hottinger

Katja Hottinger is the second owner of the Culinary Institute, responsible for our marketing and sales.

Arto Rastas

Arto Rastas – the owner of the Culinary Institute who has been teaching culinary secrets to eager cooks already since 2004. Arto has gained experience from several top restaurants in Helsinki, as well as studying abroad and trying out his skills by competing on the Finnish National Team of chefs, for example. Known also as a restaurateur, this chef has often been awarded on a national and international level. For example, he is the 2005 Young Chef of the World. Arto has several restaurants in Tampere, of which the restaurant Hella & Huone is perhaps the most well-known. Focused on Nordic food, this modern restaurant is among the top Finnish restaurants from one year to the next.

Arto is a versatile visionary of cooking who obtains new ideas, techniques and flavour combinations by travelling all over the world.

Also familiar from several TV shows, this chef is uncompromising on the flavour of food, and orthodox preparation methods. He runs courses in Finnish and English.

Charlotta Stude

Charlotta Stude started working as an instructor at Helsinki Culinary Institute in 2007. She worked as a cooking class instructor also before coming to the Culinary Institute. In addition to great ingredients, Charlotta also puts emphasis on the origin of the food, ethics, and aesthetic presentation. Preparing and enjoying food should be fun, easy and social, a pleasing experience for all senses. Charlotta can teach courses in Finnish and Swedish, and also in English.

Kim Palhus

Kim Palhus is a chef and an experienced instructor. Kim has had comprehensive work experience in the restaurant industry, from instructor to entrepreneur.  Kim has studied his craft in the best restaurants in Finland, as well as in the top restaurants in France and the US, for example. While working abroad, Kim was able to become acquainted with restaurant kitchens already at a young age, and the opportunity to accumulate inspirational experiences and memorable flavours from various cultures. As a chef, Kim is very versatile, assembling the most convincing references from the best restaurants and foodie cities in the world.

Kim also works as the Finnish Ny Nordisk Mat ambassador in the Nordic Ny Nordisk Mat programme, touring the world while presenting Finnish and Nordic food and drink culture. The flavour of food is not enough: it must be served appetisingly, it must smell delicious and taste divine.

Atte Kuuskoski

Atte thinks that food should be made with love. When it comes to cooking, it’s important to have an open mind, and a small twinkle in the eye. There’s no need to worry about making mistakes, because that’s just a way of learning something new. It’s important to taste food while cooking, because flavour is the most important part of food. Food enjoyed in good company is one of the greatest pleasures in life. Atte teaches cooking in Finnish or English.

Juha Rissanen

Juha Rissanen has been cooking with Culinary Institute since 2009. Juha is owner of a “SuklaaTäplä” and works as a pastry chef. SuklaaTäplä is specialised in making high quality chocolate products and product development and marketing with GoodPieBakery. He has a long experience in Finnish top restaurants. He has trained in France Valrhona and in Sweden under the Jan Hedh to be a pastry chef. He was a part of Valrhonas Cercle des Chefs organisation. He has been a part of Finnish national team of chefs 2003-2008 and captain of that team as well a manager of junior national team. Food needs to be tasty and carefully constructed and give “wau” feelings. Teaching only in Finnish.