Helsinki / Lempäälä

The cooking party will be held in an amazing Art Nouveau building in the heart of Helsinki, or at our restaurant Villa Hakkari in Lempäälä, approx. a 1.5-hour drive from Helsinki.

Every month, we have a different cooking class available at a discount, with the seasonal gourmet menu. You can also tell us about your special requests and participants, so that we can create a tasty offer for you. In addition to the theoretical overview, the price of a four-course cooking evening includes a feast with wines, a recipe booklet, and a Helsinki Culinary Institute apron you can use on site. There will also be a dishwasher-waiter present, to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

When booked in advance, this course can be taught in English or Swedish. You can book our amazing meeting room before the cooking class, as well as catering for your event.

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