Anyone can be a master chef

We train chefs for home kitchens

Do you want to learn how to make sushi?

A dessert class is a sweet thing!

Since 1994, we have been guiding happy amateurs and professionals in the wonderful world of culinary art.

You can come and cook with us by yourself, or in a group. Or let us cook for you. You choose!

The cooking classes are held at our premises on Uudenmaankatu in Helsinki, or in the idyllic Restaurant Villa Hakkari in Lempäälä.

Also ask about our meeting packages, catering services, and other special events!

Have a closer look at our courses.

A night spent together with pots and pans is a great alternative for experiences and adventures aimed at businesses. A memorable surprise party organised by friends is definitely the best birthday gift. The kitchen is just the beginning for our parties!

Helsinki Culinary Institute
Uudenmaankatu 7
tel. +358 10 3253092

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